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Photoshop Started Course

3 Places to Learn Photoshop for Free

Adobe Photoshop is one of the most widely used software packages in the world. It’s hard to imagine the world without Photoshop, and its remarkable image editing tools have been used in everything from Hollywood blockbusters to Internet memes.

4 Advantages Of Photoshop For Small Businesses

Consistent Branding Small businesses can find it hard to develop consistent branding without having a design tool to rely on. Adobe Photoshop can help you create a brand across many different platforms that your audience can identify easily and clearly,… Continue Reading →

How to Use Lasso Tool in Photoshop

The Lasso tool helps you to select certain parts of an image so that you can isolate it, cut it out, or edit/enhance it separately from the rest of image. This is different from the rectangle or circle-shaped marquee tools, because… Continue Reading →

How to Use Gradient Tool in Photoshop

A gradient is a smooth color transition between two or more colors. Gradients make great backgrounds for product photography or advertisements. They can be a simple way to add some color and a professional look.

How to Use the Type Tool in Photoshop

The Type tool is how you’ll write words onto your image. When you hold down the Type tool icon in your left toolbox, you’ll see the option to type horizontally or vertically.Like all the other tools, more options will show up… Continue Reading →

How to Use Pen Tool in Photoshop

The Pen tool lets you draw your own shapes. It has four different options: Standard Pen to draw curves and straight segments Curvature Pen to draw straight segments and curves intuitively Freeform Pen to draw freely, like you’re using pen and… Continue Reading →

How To Use Photoshop Actions

How to Use Layers in Photoshop Speaking of layers, this is a critical feature to understand when you’re learning how to use Photoshop, even for the most basic Photoshop tutorials.

Photoshop Toolbox

The toolbox in the left sidebar will be your best friend. The tools are organized into groups based on what they do:

Photoshop Tutorials for Beginners

You’ve probably heard of Adobe Photoshop, even if you aren’t a professional graphic designer. This awesome program is helpful for all kinds of business and personal uses. While it can seem intimidating or overwhelming, learning how to use Photoshop can… Continue Reading →

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