Tough competition reigning in the sphere of network gambling entertainment, constantly forces manufacturers to come up with innovations that attract customers. One of the popular innovations can be called a mini roulette. If you want to always be able to try new games, you should consider the casino jackpotcity canada

Features of the game rules

From other types of roulette this option is distinguished by the fact that the number of sectors reduced to 13. Of course, reduced and the size of the table. There are no other changes in the rules. Still need to bet and wait when the cherished ball stops its movement. Sectors in mini roulette are divided into three groups: from 1 to 6, from 4 to 9, from 7 to 12. The coincidence of some of the numbers in these groups greatly increases the chances of winning and gives the opportunity to invent a variety of strategies. You can use this version of the game, as a kind of trainer for those who then plan to go to the standard roulette.

A comparison of regular roulette and its mini version

First of all, keep in mind the superiority of the casino. Nobody cancelled the zero sector, which makes the casino’s superiority equal to 7.69%, that is higher than in European or American roulette. That’s why players will get back half of their losses if they hit exactly zero. This nice rule allows roulette mini to be popular and in demand. The payouts differ as well. A correctly guessed sector will bring a win of 1 to 11. This is due to the fact that the mini roulette player significantly increases the chances of winning. If you bet on a group of numbers, red or black, even or odd, you will only win 1 to 1.

Mini Roulette was created by specialists from Playtech. They have long been known for the fact that they produce the highest quality products. Accordingly, you can play mini roulette in any online casino that uses software from this developer. If you prefer to play standard roulette, and even offline, we offer you more material.

Rules of etiquette when playing offline roulette

Fans of virtual gambling is unlikely to find this material useful for themselves. In online casinos there is no dress code, and there are virtually no rules of conduct. You can play even lying down, and even sing at the same time. Competitors will not be confused by any eccentricity. In real life casinos demands on the behavior and appearance of visitors are much stricter.

If on the Internet you can not think about appearance or behavior, in real gambling establishments customers are obliged to follow some rules. This is necessary so that no one stands out with their peculiarities of behavior. Compliance with the rules ensures that you will not be kicked out during the game and will not be banned from the casino. Particular attention in casinos is paid to the appearance of visitors. No one will require you to wear a tuxedo, but a classic suit is welcome. It is necessary to remember about behavior. An aggressive or inadequate player will be quickly kicked out, so as not to lose other customers.

Etiquette for playing real roulette

Roulette is equally adored in real and virtual casinos. If you decide to sit down at a real roulette wheel, consider a few simple rules:

  • Chips can only be touched by the croupier or their owner;
  • Do not stand too close to the table;
  • Do not throw chips while betting. If it is difficult to reach, ask the dealer to help.
  • It is highly discouraged to play if you have been drinking alcohol. Intoxication can provoke not only claims to you from the casino, but also reckless betting, which leads to ruin.

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