Low Current & Smart Systems
Low-current systems are the backbone of a company's IT system, and crucial to smooth IT and smooth operations.
Linemore designs and installs customized smart solutions for low-current systems and offers high-quality maintenance and repair services.
Ntegrated Wiring
When your office is being remodeled or your server room is upgraded, that's the right time for renewing your cabling and switches. The Linemore team is able to help you with a customized solution, perfectly delivered, and at an attractive price.
Building Server Rooms
The Linemore team combines multiple expertises. From construction and electromechanics, to electronics and network set-up, our experienced technicians get the job done for you.
Access Control
Access and attendance checking systems authorizes, manages, controls, checks, and records the entrance and exit of employees and visitors, and can be linked to security alarm systems as well. It is also a time-saving management tool for human resources and attendance management—essential for modern companies.
Video Surveillance
The Linemore team includes security experts with over 10 years of experience in designing and delivering customized precise, professional and smart surveillance solutions for clients in every industry.
Telephone Switchboards
Linemore offers reliable and cost-effective PBX and VOIP telephone solutions tailored to the scale and needs of each individual client.
Multimedia Conference Rooms
A multimedia conference room is an integration of audio conferencing, video conferencing, display, broadcasting, environmental control, interactive whiteboard, scheduling, and conferencing systems. Our specialized team can plan, design, and build the smart conference room that works for you—and keep it running like a train.
Video Conferencing
We can provide the hardware, software, and setup to connect two or more locations through video conferencing and improve collaboration while saving time. We have already served several hundred enterprises this way.
Telephone Conferencing
We can provide the hardware, software, and setup to connect two or more locations through telephone conferencing and improve collaboration while saving time. We have already served several hundred enterprises this way.
LCD Splicing Screens
SLCD is a complete splice liquid crystal display unit. Based on different needs of use and content demonstration requirements, it can be used individually, combined with other displays freely, full-screen splicing, or displayed vertically, etc.
Multi-Purpose Cards
Combine access control, attendance checking, consumption, patrolling, visitor access, elevator access, etc. in one smart card.
System Integration
Based on our assessment of your business situation and IT needs,
we propose the integrated IT solutions that best suit the development stages of your company as it grows.
Network Reconstruction
We implement projects such as reconstructing network environments, upgrading equipment, and safeguarding the smooth healthy operation of your business systems.
Wireless Coverage
We offer business-grade wireless coverage solutions that offer fast, secure, and uninterrupted connectivity and convenience. (More wires, anyone?)
Protection Against Viruses
We keep you safe from invading viruses through deployment of strong corporate antivirus systems.
Access Control
Assign, manage, and oversee users' access to servers, catalogs, files and other online resources.
Online Behavior Management
Filter web content, control network application access, manage broadband capacity, receive, send and audit messages, and check and analyze online behavior of your staff with our smart software.
Server Virtualization
server virtualization enables dynamic management of server and hardware resources, improves the usage rate of resources, and simplifies system management and server integration.
Desktop Virtualization
Virtualizes the terminal system of computers to realize safe and flexible desktop use. Staff can access their own desktop through any device, anytime, anywhere through the network.
Server Load Balancing
Load balancing across your servers and allocating service requests more evenly over ongoing service processes helps maintain the response speed of your system and smooth handling of large volumes of website visitors and application visits.
Off-Site Server Management
Linemore owns rich IDC resources, and can provide you with plenty of route resources and one-stop management services.
Virtual Private Networks
A VPN network offers your staff safe, convenient, and fast access to your company's intranet servers while on the road or working together across different locations.
Data Backup
Never worry about losing any core data if you use our flexible and secure data backup solutions, which we design to suit your company's needs.
Data and File Sharing
Every company needs to share data and files. By properly setting up shared catalogs and staff access, working efficiency can be improved and leaking can be prevented.
Data Encryption
Research and development, design, and operation data are the top secrets of any company. Protect your secrets with a data encryption system to prevent losses caused by leaking and hacking.
Mail Servers
Choosing the right email system is not easy. Our one-stop solution package covers everything from advice on the email system that suits your business now and tomorrow, through set-up, management and scaling-up as needed.
Spam Defense
We have years of experience in email system operations and maintenance, and can provide multiple anti-spam solutions to keep you safe from junk mail, phishing mail, etc.
Cloud Services
We're entering a new digital age: cloud computing and mobile internet are transforming and boosting business development.
By combining various cloud computing resources, Linemore is able to provide customized one-stop cloud solutions
that include consultation, design, construction, operation and maintenance.
Private Cloud
We offer cloud computing resources that you can use exclusively and independently in a private data center.
Public Cloud
We can provide you with access to public clouds of famous providers such as Microsoft, Amazon, and Alibaba. We also offer operations and maintenance services, including cloud migration, cloud surveillance and configuration management.
Cloud Antivirus
With over 18 years of experience in IT operations and maintenance management, we are able to offer all-round secured services from mainframes and networks to applications.
Cloud Surveillance
based on the operations and maintenance needs of your cloud resources, we offer all-round three-dimensional surveillance solutions, implement and monitor various function parameters, and help you to monitor business quality at all times.
Hybrid Cloud
the hybrid cloud deployment solution that we offer is both flexible and secure, assisting you to meet more types of business needs.