Operations and Maintenance Services

Dilemmas in finding a good

How to evaluate technical capabilities?
How to bring down staff turn-over?
How to manage hiring risk?
Dillemas in the IT department
Who should assist and support
desktop services?
How to deal with understaffing
caused by recruiting quota?
Centralized IT Procurement

You know the headaches:
Procurement needs popping up
from all directions
Limited products to serve a wide
array of processes. Good counsel
is hard to come by
Multiple vendors translates in
higher unit cost.
Multiple vendors translates in
higher unit cost,
due to lack of economies of
scale and leverage in negotiations.
Special Services

We also offer domain name
registration, website building,
website maintenance, printer leasing, Kingdee and Yonyou ERP software,
and customized development
of Super Excel solutions.

As companies increasingly rely on
IT-supported processes, the
operational reach and bottom-line
impact of their IT systems continue
to grow, covering production,
operations, marketing, and
management. Secure, stable,
and smart IT systems are therefore
crucial, and we design and deliver
those solutions for you.